Why Zombie Baits™?

Fish love worms. Worms have a scent and movements that attract almost any type fish. Zombie Baits gives anglers a convenient, 100% natural bait option for any tackle box.

Why don't more anglers use worms to fish?

Catching live worms is time-consuming. Purchasing live worms is expensive. Live worms are also a hassle to keep alive and have a relatively short shelf-life. The time, effort and cost of fishing with live bait is not ideal for neither beginner nor seasoned fishermen. 

How do you fish with freeze-dried bait? 

Hydrate the freeze-dried bait with fresh water prior to fishing. After soaking in water, Zombie Baits™ "come-to-life." They look, feel and smell like live bait. Hook them as if they are alive, or cut into small pieces after hydration process is complete. Use only what you need and save the rest for another trip! 

Which bait should I use?

Zombie Baits' worms come in assorted colors to accommodate varying water clarity levels and sunny, or overcast conditions. 

Do the worms float? 

Once fully hydrated, the worms will float! Use sinkers to fish at desired depth. 

What chemicals are used to preserve Zombie Baits' freeze-dried worms and ghost shrimp?

The freeze-dried baits are 100% natural. All natural hormones, enzymes, flavors, and scent are intact. No preservatives are used in the farming or freeze-drying processes. 

Can Zombie Baits' worms and ghost shrimp be used in saltwater fishing?

Yes. Although Zombie Baits™ are best for freshwater fishing, they can be also be used for surf fishing.

How long do Zombie Baits™ last?

Zombie Baits™ have a 2-year shelf life! 

Are there harmful ingredients in Kill Shot™? 

No. Kill Shot™ is comprised of natural oils and scents.